Help us win the $5M Energy Prize!

There is still time to make a difference. We CAN win! Install what you bought. Share what you did. Do just one more thing.

Do One (more) Thing

Make your Next Switch or Gift the Switch.

Install What You Bought

Bring out those LED bulbs, dust off that smart thermostat and get them installed! Do it so you don't miss out on the rebates!

We are very grateful that The Park City Community Foundation is our fiscal sponsor.

Summit County, Utah is uniquely poised to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize. We represent a cross section of economic and political diversity that is our great strength. From our ranching and mining heritage to the competitive spirit that makes us an international recreation destination – our strength comes from our connection to community and the environment that is our economic foundation.

The success of Summit Community Power Work’s programs lies in our integrated approach. We have developed a strong collaborative partnership with residents, local governments, schools, other non-profits, as well as our local business community.

It is the Power of CommUNITY that will help us to win the prize. It will take all of us. Every Meter Matters – all energy usage counts.

To win the prize, SCPW needs your help.

Below we have listed the critical community hubs that we are calling upon to help SCPW win the $5,000,000 Georgetown Energy Prize. The prize will be put into an endowment and used to fund energy efficiency programs in Summit County, forever.

Residents of Summit County

Goal: Reduce per capita energy consumption by 15% in the next two years; 35% over for the next 12 years.
Strategies: Educate, facilitate and incentivize residential energy efficiency through 4 key initiatives

Switch to LED lightbulbs (LED Switch)
Upgrade to Smart Controls (Control Switch)
Weatherize homes (Comfort Switch)
Move to Renewable Energy (Power Switch)

Schools of Summit County

Goal: REducate students to embrace energy efficient strategies at home and inspire School Districts to adopt energy efficiency throughout facilities
Strategies: Develop and implement curricula to educate students about efficient energy usage and stimulate behavior change

Local Schools

North Summit School District
Park City School District
South Summit School District
Weilenmann School of Discovery
Park City Day School
The Winter Sports School

Local Governments

Goal: Engage municipalities to institute policies and programs that remove barriers
Strategies: Partner, collaborate to assist municipalities to help reduce energy consumption

  • Adopt public policies
  • Lead by example
  • Provide funding, incentives
  • Enhance local economy
Cities and Towns

Park City
Summit County

Commercial & Community Partners

Goal: Work with the commercial and non-profit sectors to leverage/market SCPW’s initiative
Strategies: Draw on the scale and resources of local businesses and community leaders to market SCPW

  • Co-brand marketing materials
  • Offer unique benefits to participants
  • Enlist leaders to support SCPW
  • Public education and outreach
Business Partners

Alpenglow Solar
Deer Valley
Habitat for Humanity
Park City Area Lodging Association
Park City Board of Realtors
Powdr Corp
Utah Department of Workforce Services
Sundance Institute
Utah Clean Energy
Vail Resorts
SES Green Energy
DwellTek Solar Energy Solutions


Rocky Mountain Power
Questar Gas