Frequently Asked Questions

How are we being measured by Georgetown University’s Energy Prize committee?

The Energy Prize Committee (EPC) at Georgetown University is measuring the SCPW’s performance in several ways.

  •  The EPC will be evaluating how well we do in reducing our residential, municipal and school district energy use in terms of metered electricity and natural gas.  The more we reduce our monthly electricity and natural gas bills, the better!
  • The EPC will be evaluating our energy efficiency plans and programs.  Specifically, are the plans and programs the SCPW develops Sustainable, Reproducible and Scalable, meaning: How long can they last?  Can these programs be used by other communities? and, Can they be used by larger communities?
  • The EPC will be looking at how our programs fit into Summit County’s schools and classrooms.  What are we doing to reduce energy use at schools and what are we doing to bring energy efficiency education into the classroom (e.g., math, physics, environmental sciences, economics, etc.).
  • The community that does the best job at satisfying these criteria will be awarded $5,000,000 for future energy efficiency programs, events and activities.

How much energy can I save with a Smart Thermostat?

Typically you can save 15% on your monthly bill by switching to a Smart Thermostat over a programmable one.

What is a smart thermostat?

A Smart Thermostat is one which actually programs itself as a function of your energy needs and habits.  Among other things, it senses when you are home or away and will adjust your heating and cooling preferences accordingly.  Smart Thermostats can also be controlled remotely via your phone or laptop.

Will I like the color of the LED bulb?

Yes, if you choose correctly.  Look for a CRI (color rendering index of 95 and a Kelvin Scale of 2700 for soft white and 3000 for bright light.

How do I choose the right LED bulb?

Look on the package the LED comes in.  There should be information which identifies the “equivalent wattage” of the LED relative to the incandescent bulb you want to switch out.  For example, if swapping out a 60 watt incandescent bulb, look for the LED that says “60 Watt equivalent” on the label.

What will we do with the $5,000,000?

What will we do with the $5,000,000?

The $5 million will be placed into an endowment, which will fund energy efficiency forever in Summit County.