Summit Community Power Works receives a shout out from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

October 1, 2016

Two years ago, Summit Community Power Works was founded – we had a dream to lead our community to embrace energy efficiency and renewables.  We had a vision of working in collaboration with the schools, local governments, businesses and residents all over Summit County to inspire our community to transform it’s energy paradigm.  We have accomplished much in the last 2 years.  We are in 4th place in the Georgetown Energy Prize competition, and our community has already saved over $5million on our power bills.

The remarks by Senator Whitehouse on the floor of the U.S. Senate are one of the most gratifying  manifestations of our collective work – we have gone from being a dream of a committed group – to a movement that has reached Washington D. C.  We are so proud of Summit County, Utah.  Your rock!

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