The Deters go solar with Mountain Town Community Solar

May 24, 2016

The Deters go solar with Mountain Town Community Solar

by Julie Minahan

When Heinrich and I first considered placing panels on the house this winter our first step was to get quotes from 4 different companies to better understand exactly the financial commitment.


The exercise quickly evolved into something akin to a real estate due diligence period. Purchasing solar panels can become very complicated in regards to the price difference between the panels, the watts, the inverters, the installation process, the warrantees, and reputation of the individual companies.

That said, I was truly impressed with how helpful and informative all the companies were in providing answers to my ‘numerous’ (did I say they were patient as well?) questions.
At the end of the day, several companies were providing similar products with varying options, so like many decisions, it came down to price!

Solar was only going to work if we could attain the financing and rate of return close to our current monthly power bill. Our goal was very simple: Capital investment in the panels needed to be relatively similar to our existing electrical bill and eventually, in as short of a time as the finance plan and respective subsidies allowed, removed the monthly electrical burden from our budget.

When the Mountain Town Community Solar program rolled out, it provided the extra support and confidence in selecting Alpenglow as a provider.

Alpenglow provide quality infrastructure, in the form of the panels and inverters, which are backed with a strong warranty and excellent reputation. Furthermore, the company is local and the most affordable of the lot.

Alpenglow provided finance recommendations (Frank Gofrey with Key Bank) for financing. Frank analyzed our budget and came up with the best monthly payment we were comfortable.

New Alpenglow Square Logo-01

We’re excited to see the panels going up soon. As a matter of fact I think our kids are even more excited than we are…something about construction and 4-year old boys. All of this while saving money and helping the environment.

The Mountain Town Community Solar program closes on September 1, 2016.

You can find out more information at Take the first step by taking the solar survey and JOIN US in going solar this summer.

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